Ophelia Jacarini

The Artist

Ophelia works across a wide array of mediums including photography, painting, drawing, embroidery and sculpture. Her work is intensely personal, revealing intimate details of her soul and thoughts. Across this series the application of paint is clearly visible on paper, with long, fluid strokes or rushing water alongside short, abrupt dashes to convey movement. This is complemented by the use of bold colours and tones, with dramatic contrasts between light and shade. This series, inspired by the Sky, symbolises serenity and peacefulness. Often dreams are associated with the sky indicating spiritual feelings and state of mind. These artworks are an offering of positive energy and relaxation.


2017 "ORIGIN" at Lightstage Gallery
2018 ongoing: "Bejart" a nomadic art installations project; Hong Kong; Japan; Malaysia and Mexico


1991 Born in France
2010-2012 Studied Textile Design: Chardon Savard
2010-2012 Fine Arts: École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
2012-2014 Worked with John Galliano and Yiqing Yin
2014 Travel in Asia to study embroidery techniques from small villages across Burma, India, Vietnam, Indonesia
2015: Moved to Hong Kong

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