Mariia Sol

The Artist

Mariia was born in 1991 to a family of Old Believers in a Siberian town called Artemovsk with a population of only 1600 people. It was difficult to escape the small world of family in a remote town. But in 1998 Mariia and her mother moved to Krasnoyarsk, where she attended art and ceramics classes. It was during those years Mariia found freedom from dogmatism. She would paint on city streets, establishing her own rules through graffiti.

To this day, her main tool of creativity is spray paint. Her expression is based on emotions and her perception of the world around her. Impressions integrated into abstract painting using form and colour.

Since 2013, Mariia started to travel to various cities around Siberia, slowly expanding the locations of her art. She moved to Moscow and has begun to integrate travel into her creative process.

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