Kwong Manchun

The Artist

Combining his studies of southern Chinese culture and Chinese notions of void and emptiness, Kwong Manchun has found his own way to express his himself using scenes and shapes from a fantasy land put together of memories and previous generation’s perceptions of eternity.  

Kwong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University. Since 2013, he has participated in exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia and USA.  


2020 “藝象萬千” Museum of ChongQing, ChongQing
2019 “Long to Belong” Contemporary by Angela lee, Hong Kong
2019 In-situ opening art show,Hong Kong
2019 “One Day” 7 Mallory street ,Hong Kong
2019 “F.F.” Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong
2018 “F.F.” Tenjinyama Art Studio, Japan
2018 “The Aerial Avtor sharing in Hong Kong”, Videotage, Hong Kong
2018 “6 Hong Kong Artists” Niagara Gallery, Melbourne-Australia
2018 “6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair” Regency Art Hotel, Macau
2018 “The Aerial Avtor” Art Omi, New York-American
2018 “The Aerial Avtor” Wave Farm, New York -American
2018 “8 Hong Kong Artists”, China Art Projects, Hong Kong
2017 “Journey”,Sagra Gallery, Melbourne-Australia
2017 “Haze”, Hotel Stage , Hong Kong
2017 "Film aid, Art in cow" auction for charity, The Great European Carnival, Hong Kong
2016 "Back to the Future l Forward to the Present Drawing Hong Kong” Joint Exhibition, Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong
2015 "Grey Scale”, China Art Projects, Hong Kong
2015 “Back To The Future”, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
2015 New Art Wave Expo, Venetian Hotel Exhibition Hall, Macao
2014 “芽芽學語” Joint Exhibition "According to them” Joint Exhibition, MDD gallery, Hong Kong
2014 Power of Narrative – The Life of the Invisible (travelling exhibition in five places)
2014 "According to them” Joint Exhibition, JCCAC, Hong Kong
2014 "Sparkle! Let’s Art” Joint Exhibition, Oil Street, Hong Kong
2013 “Mingle-Mingle” Academy of Visual Art BA (VA) Graduation Exhibition, Hong Kong
2013 “Fresh Trend 2013 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition”, Hong Kong


1989 Born in China
2013 Bachelor of Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
Currently lives and works in Hong Kong

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