Guan Yi

The Artist

“Humans attempt to control substance while materials in turn controls humans. In a world filled with excessive desires, technology and energy crises, we are confronted with a question. What can we do? I try to communicate with objects and living things with an equal heart through the most primitive, ancient and simple form of artistic expression – painting. In my work I strive to convey visual information from the natural world, material spiritualism and to make sure the living things I work around are acknowledged, cherished and revered. I make my work using propylene and water, paint and thinner, allowing it to flow over the paper or canvas. When it is dry, I start all over again. During this repetition, the vision and images, the consciousness and materials are all interactive until the last round is complete. The natural flow of these materials, without any tampering controlling the substances properties, reveals truth. My paintings are a spiritual experience and proof that in fact, each of us can communicate with the gods, the universe, the earth, humanity, animals, plants and even stones and dust. Because ultimately all these things are closely connected by origin and my painting is an insight into this spiritual communication.”

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Guan Yi, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing
1988 Guanyi Solo Exhibition. Shangdong

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 "On paper. Superme", Melbourne, Australia
2018 "On paper. Superme", Sydney, Australia
2018 New Orleans Auction Galleries, New Orleans, USA
2017 New Orleans Auction Galleries, New Orleans, USA
2016 Dusseldorf international art exchange exhibition, Germany
2016 Guan Yi’s Art Works Exhibition, BeiJing Riverside Art Museum, Beijing
2016 On Paper Space, Bird Nest Culture Center, Beijing
2016 Transcending the Appearance 2016, 798 SZ Art Center, Beijing
2016 Paper Supremacy, The National Convention Centre, Shanghai Transcending the Appearance 2016, 798, SZ Art Centre, Beijing
2015 Natura code: Guan Yi’s spiritual painting Salon and Solo Exhibition, Landscape Art Gallery, Beijing
2014 Out of Image; Trace and Linearity, SZ Art Centre, Beijing
2013 Think of Traces Art Exhibition, YiBing Space, Beijing
2012 Nei Kung Art Exhibition, Jingling Gallery, 798, Beijing. The Paper First Art Exhibition, Juiceng Art Museum
2012 Tetem Kunstruimte, Enschede, Netherlands. Portland Community College. Sylvania, North View Gallery, Portland OR
2011 Guan Yi Painting Exhibition, Sunshine International Art Museum History, New Songzhuang Art Exhibition, Sunshine International Art Museum
2010 La Celeste Abstract Exhibition, La Celeste, Beijing
2009 Second China Sanbao International Prints Exhibition, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jingdezhen. New Year Art Salon Exhibition, Gehua Culture Art Trading Centre
2008 Abstract in Songzhuang, Beijing Songzhuang Contemporary Art Exhibition, No. 8 Art Zone, Beijing Static by Static & Dynamic, Songzhuang Abstract Art, Rainbow Beach Museum of Art, Beijing
1990 Modern Art Exhibition, Zhongyuan Oil Field


1965 Born in Shandong
1982 Shandong University of Arts and Shandong Normal University
1986 Graduated Heze University, Department of Fine Arts
1987 Art teacher at 5th Middle School of Zhongyuan Oil Field
1992 Became professional artist
2006 Moved to Songzhuang and established own studio

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