Gao Ping

The Artist

Gao Ping is a traditionalist in a contemporary world. She has avidly studied Chinese traditional painting and much of her inspiration is drawn from her knowledge of those techniques and the Masters of those times. She uses these techniques with expert precision to create inner conversations and the results are contemporary paintings heavy with emotion. An introvert who battles with the fast pace of the city, she uses painting as her means of escape and communication. Much of her work seeks to bring still and calm, much of it is a journey to a less frenetic environment. Her abstract works take her away from daily noise and her ink studies are more reflective and nostalgic of her childhood and the scenes she sees around her in daily life. She is a well exhibited artist with international recognition and has been featured in “Half the Sky”, a book by Luise Guest, Manager of Research at the acclaimed White Rabbit Collection in Australia.


2017 Friends, Guangzhou museum of Korea, 798 Beijing
2016 Two Voices, Vermilion Gallery, Sydney
2015 Artist Project of Guangzhou museum of Korea, Force Gallery, 798 Beijing
2015 “Half the Sky” Ar-st Project, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2014 Yun art gallery, 798 Beijing
2013 Works on paper, Seva Frangos Art, Perth, Australia
2013 Works on paper, Yun art gallery, 798 Beijing
2013 Works on paper, China Art Projects Space, Hong Kong
2012 “Trace”, Yun art gallery, 798 Beijing
2012 Gao Ping: Welcome to my world, Maitland regional art gallery, Australia
2012 “A brush\A picture” Yonghe Art District No.5 Space, Beijing
2011 Yun art gallery, 798 Beijing
2011 Works on paper, Melbourne, Australia
2009 Quac art center, 798 Beijing
2009 Yun art gallery, 798 Beijing
2008 “Whatever”, MY gallery, London
2008 “The Summer”, Jiang art gallery, Beijing
2008 “Another sound–We” International Female Artists Exhibition, Shanghai art Museum One Moon Opening Exhibition, Beijing “Century of Chinese Characters”, China Millennium Museum, Beijing
2007 “The object imagery”, Yun art gallery, 798 Beijing
2006 “Oilink”, One Moon art gallery, Beijing
2003 The Invitational Exhibition for 4 Female Artists, Beijing
2002 Asia Biennial Exhibition, Bangladesh Exhibition of Plastic Art, Egypt
2000 Oil Paintings from China, Morocco
1997 The Quintet in March, Contemporary Gallery, Beijing Contemporary Sketch Works, China National Art Museum, Beijing


1974 Born Shandong
1994 Central Academy of Fine Arts
1997 Graduated From Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts
Currently lives and works from her studio in Luo Ma Hu, Beijing.

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