That’s the beauty of what we offer, you can order any size you want.

If you love the exact image you see, as is, we offer 3 sizes for you to buy it at, just click on the one that works for you and BUY IT NOW.

OR go into the CUSTOMIZE window and you have 3 options for cropping and sizing:

1. Drag and Set: Crop first and when you’ve got the image you want enter either a height or width (the other will auto fill based on your crop window).

2. Know your size already: Perhaps you have a frame already or a precise space you want to fill. Input those dimensions directly in to the dimensions bar, click ENTER and a crop window will show for you to move across the original image. Move the crop window to any area you want and CROP to create a work at your specified dimensions.

3. Select from preset sizes. The crop window will appear. These sizes are all standard sizes and generally easy to find frames for.

For the DRAG and SET function, sometimes we forget to click the SET button on the customise window which allows us to play with proper functionality across the image.

Or you may be cropping a section that is too small for us to be able to print at your selected dimensions with full integrity. In that case, you need to select a larger section, or a smaller print size.

If neither of these are the case please contact us and we’ll look in to it.

At this stage in our platform development, we are only offering limited mediums.  For launch, we will only offer archival paper. Canvas and zero waste options will come soon after.

If you contact us directly however, we have many medium options available to us including wallpaper, plexiglass and faux silk paneling. We can also use various printing techniques such as silk screen, etching and wood cut.

No problem, we just need to make sure the image you want at a huge size will look amazing. We have put limitations into our site for orders at large dimensions to avoid any disappointment in image integrity and to ensure shipping parameters are maintained. However, the files we have are massive, some can even go up to 10 meters in length, so contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.

Some of our original art works aren’t that big which means if you want to crop a small section of them and blow that up into even a 40×40, it may over-pixelate, meaning it won’t look amazing. We can’t let you have anything other than amazing.

Afraid at this stage in development we don’t have a rotation function on the customization page.  It is coming. If you require landscape over portrait or vice versa, you need to select dimensions that give you the desired format or contact us and we can help. 

Yes! It may talk a little longer and we can’t take any responsibility for local taxes and customs.

Please note that we don’t advise shipping framed work internationally. It is more cost and carbon efficient to frame locally. We are happy to advise on framing and even framers (in some jurisdictions) if you contact us.

We promote natural materials and currently offer custom framing in two colours:

1. Painted natural varnish marupa wood with visible grain

2. Painted black paint marupa wood with visible grain

–  20mm(w) x 40mm(d)

–  Clear acrylic

–  Print mounted onto regular foam board

You need to click the box at Checkout to inquire for custom framing. We get back to you with a quote from our master framer. You then decide to go ahead or stick to receiving the printed work only.

All of our art work will benefit from a dark wooden frame between 2-4cm wide.

Some art work, especially in smaller dimensions, can look wonderful with a card mount around the image as well.

Any doubt, just contact us and we’d be happy to advise.

Edition numbers mean the amount of times any print can be made from an original. So the big number you see next to an art work is the total number of prints which can be made. The smaller number is the amount of prints still available to be made before the ‘edition’ is sold out and no one else can get their hands on any print made from that original. It’s how we can guarantee the limited and exclusive nature of our product.

No. What you create is yours to show off. No one beyond who you show can see what you create and purchase. Although please feel free to show off your amazing Red T Multiples across your social channels, don’t forget to tag and # us: @redtmultiples #redtmultiples.

For orders in Hong Kong, paid by credit card without framing, we say 2 weeks but generally deliver sooner. For framed orders it can take up to 4 weeks from the time we receive full payment. For international orders, the same plus shipping to wherever you live. General rule – add a week to local delivery times. 3-5 weeks.

Our work on paper is made by a master fine art printer here in Hong Kong who actually used to develop film photography for the Queen of England. He and his team are true professionals and we knew his quality was second to none when we first saw it. Works on paper are printed on Hahnemühle PhotoRag Bright White matte 310gsm paper.

Our art works are fine art prints NOT stock art, mass produced commercial art or posters. The only difference between our art work and buying a fine art print from a gallery or auction is flexibility and price point. The quality of the print, the longevity it has, quality of the image, raw materials, production, limited edition and exclusive availability are all based on fine art world practices.  A world we have extensive experience across and know well.

We’re afraid that different screens can show slight variations in colour which can mean your final print may not be the exact colour tone you expected. We can’t take responsibility or returns of works in these cases. However, in our next phase of development we will be integrating Pantone references and sampling options. If you are concerned, colour samples can be provided on request at minimal cost. Contact us.

If you receive what you ordered, afraid not. If you received someone else’s order for some crazy reason, yes.

Be aware before you order that our Terms and Conditions state that colours may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.  We can provide colour samples at a small cost if you are concerned.

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