About Red T Multiples

The Founder

Red T Multiples is a subsidiary of Red T Group, a company founded by Tamsin Nugent.

Tamsin is a Hong Kong born Brit with fluent Mandarin and a deep interest in innovations and responsible practices in her field. She understands both Western and Eastern cultural and aesthetic languages, ran her own Beijing based gallery for 5 years, was the inaugural Director of Ben Brown Fine Arts in Hong Kong and has extensive art fair and art world experience. She is a qualified advisor to any project requiring high quality artwork.


For the love of art(ists)

We want everyone to have access to great art but know not all paths leading to perfect art are smooth. Until now.
All our artwork is carefully selected by our specialists under three key criteria; talent, process and aesthetic appeal.

We work with exhibiting, practicing artists who have great career potential. All Red T Multiples artists are considered our colleagues; we respect what they do and Red T Multiples offers a solution which enables them to focus on their own practice and not need to compromise in order to get commission work, unless they want to of course.

At the same time, we understand fully that our clients often want or need something ‘like this but different’. Red T Multiples makes that possible whilst also offering great cost and time efficiency. Art should be rare and unique, so we work under a strict limited edition license with our artists, making sure their work remains limited and our clients have an exclusive proposition. The Red T win win is born out of observing our market and caring deeply about both artists and clients.



Red T Multiples is a single platform that can deliver fully customized artwork by great artists in minutes. It can be used to create the perfect work for a beloved home or an entire art direction for a luxury resort.

We have drawn upon our years of experience in the field to identify and tackle the major pain points in art procurement for luxury interiors.

If a client is looking for something unique or needs to fulfill particular specifications, Red T Multiples enables the client to have direct access to licensed fine art in digital copy to create whatever the brief requires.

This direct access to original imagery is a key innovation as it eliminates all gray area and ensures the client gets what they want without any back and forth or wasted time.

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